Friday, October 5, 2007

Small Walk

Yesterday meet up with Oldbeng and Monk for lunch, left home at 1145 hrs, took a bus to Orchard buy a newspaper and read along the way, I was so engrossed on the paper and miss the alighting bus stop, heng ah only 1 stop, got to walk back from Paterson Road to Far East Plaza through Wheellock Shaw Centre and over the bridge.

Hee, hee I'm late by 15 mins (appointment at 1 pm) seated and chit chat about officer matter, international issue and others, etc...... After lunch about 2.15, then I recalled today TOTO 2.8 millions, must invest some and try. From Far East to Tang and we seperated from Oldbeng, he go back to work and I and Monk turn left toward somewhere centrepoint area where Monk work. Along the way I asked Monk for Singaporepools outlet, he only know near his working place, ok shall look around then.

On the way, we talk about office politics, human attitute and behavious and so on so on. Reached his work place where he show the outlet, I walk in and bet $5 quickpick, from there we seperated and I was thinking, hell what and where should I go from here and it's about 2.30pm, no plan, no direction, just keep walking toward National Library.

On the way, see see look look and thinking, wa, many years never walk along Orchard area, most of the time is reach a place, finish my business and left the area, so today have the time to measure Orchard road liao, at my speed in no time I will reach National Library so I walk into a few shopping and roam about (window shopping only).

From CentrePoint to Singapure Plaza even Dhoby Station, I turn left into Princep Road to Selegie Singaporepools HQ, hee hee bet again $5 quickpick, turn back out to S.A.M (Singapore Art Museum) then to National Library, walk in look for some book references, I think I am lazy to read and search, just for the aircon maybe, 30 mins later came out it about 4 pm and sit by the sidewalk outside library near the traffic juncton and smoke a cigarette.

Next, Bugis Junction, from library across the road another Cheer outlet $5 again, then cross over to Bugie, roam 1 round and head opposite to the other side to Kwan Yin temple pray pray, then to another outlet at Fu Lu Shou $5 again, from there I head down to Arab Street area, after Blanco Court, there's few resturant selling Nasi Briyani, I heard alot of yelling and shouting, wondering is it fighting or what then I noticed the waiter was standing at the first lane of the road shouting, hell messy and cause those driving have to "siam" them to avoid accident, this is "jiat luck" man and see who lucky loh.

I walk pass and being asked at the corridor from the first shop till the last whether I wanted to eat or packet and I replied them back from first till last "thank you, no", sian leh like that then I cross over to the pasar malam behind the mosque, alot of tourist (ang moh, jepun and hun kok lang) at that time about 5 pm, only few local and quiet a number of beggars begging opposite the store selling foods in that lane, I though the whole lane then must be very pack, lucky only half lane. Feel like buying some food to eat when I saw those displayed, but I wanted to eat "tung yuan" at Beach Road leh, so I walk toward Jln Sultan into Textile Centre, another outlet $5 again.

From there I head to the market, order a bowl of "tung yuan" and enjoy, sms a few of my course mates if they wanted some foods to packet. They want waffles from 1 of the store by the name, The Sweet Stone Parad'Ice at the center lane, they even have website too: for details and information, It's originated from Belgium, the waffles when you eat dip it into chocolate then eat hmm...... shiok, they also have ice cream flavour(but ice cream got to eat there then shiok), located at Golden Mile Food Centre (the army market) at 01-67, open 1130 am - 9.30 pm (Mon & Wed till 6 pm). I packet 6 pieces and walk to my course center at Kallang to attend class at 7 pm.

Well, I do a small walkaton of my own from Orchard Far East Plaza to Kallang and bet $25 on quickpick all in 1 system 7 and 3 ordinary, and I don't feel the tireness at all, yes it's hot out there and I sweat easily and alot, replaced with 2 X 330 ml of mineral water and another H2O in class. See they finish up the waffles in class.

You peoples in class, next time you peoples turn to buy liao and If I do pass by there then I sms to ask.

Oh ya, NOT A SINGLE TICKET STRIKE ANY, NOT EVEN $20 and I invested $25.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Kampong Memory.

Before I write of this story, let me talk about how I had this sentimental memory out of the blue. It was yesterday that after the kick about, it was a soft ground we played on and our boots was stark with those mud dirt, in which we went to wash up at the nearby toilet after the game. I was so engross in my washing, suddenly my kaki took a pail of water and splash it at me and mind you it's not a pail of clean water, it's the mud water after his washing of his boot, wa kaoz, I so lucky get the mud bath.

After the shower and clean up, walking out of the toilet, lighting up a cigarette watching toward the beach where there is peoples playing happyly by the shore and some swimming. My mind stroll back to my childhood day living in the kampong, wa lao, think back, how time fly, it already about 30 years gone.

That time we stayed at Changi area together with my 2nd aunty, it's about 15 mins drive, 35 mins walk (short cut) and 20 mins cycle (also short cut) to the beach. During then, we use to go to the beach every weekend, sometime Saturday and Sunday for beach activities or family day, funny we never get tire of the beach, no doubt there is rubbish, oily patch and funny things floating around, we still enjoy ourself, you know lah kampong life is they go everywhere in a big group. My uncle was a lorry driver, oh yes he's is our "Ahmad" every weekend, those adults (during my childhood) will bring along CARD, yes CARD and straw map to enjoy the seaview, most important is the gambling, oh yes almost the whole kampong peoples know how to gamble (that's why I'm a big time gambler at one stage, number la, horse la, card la, mahjong and even sports).

After few years as my dad was transfer to his company HQ, my mum was also thinking that it's time to change environment and we shifted to stay with my 4th aunty at Eunos area, my grandpa and grandma also stay there, it's a kampong also but very far far away from the beach, a house that catered for many family living under one roof, I'm not so familiar with that area in the beginning, so I use to cycle out to recce for fun spot and where to play, but to find a beach, well shit luck, it's very far.

During the kampong day we have to store water for cooking, washing, bathing, etc. cause we don't know when the landlord will stop supply, every month there is at least 2-3 times and it took 1 and a half day to resume. That time we (me and my kampong kaki) found a big pond (about the swimming pool size or bigger abit) not far away, so we have more fun then and that's where I learned the proper way how to swim, my time the swimming term we called it, Fish style (free style), frog style (breathe stroke), back stroke and butterfly. The pond is not like the current swimming pool standard in 50 X 25, it's irregular shape and not like 1.2 to 1.8, I really do not know how cheam the pond is and is muddy below, don't have a lifeguard, no handgrid on the four side of the pool, it's grassy and mud. Well, no complaint at least we got a private pool (so claimed).

Every time we went for a swim, we came back half dry half wet, the top dry bottom wet, on the road when we cycle on the bicycle, the water dripping bring lots of attention from the pedestrian, pointing finger la, shaking head la and laughing those kind of things. Well, we're not wetting our pant, it's the pond water and a kind of drainage (you know the longkang) smell sometimes, yak, it's kind of stink. Thinking back, how the hell we tolerate that, search me, I don't understand also.

After a while, 10 mins or so I guess, my kicking kaki finished washing called me and we all walk off to go for a drink at East point (NTUC resort) food court. They asked me what was I thinking watching the beach, got swee cha bor in bikini is it, how come never tell them to share share the view, I told them no la, just thinking of childhood times as most of them (my age group)also living in kampond before but not those younger one and we share the story of our memory with the young one.

Well peoples, this is some small part of my life living in the kampongs, thinking back feel good and kind of weird cause alot of times, things we do and done drive up happy moment and don't worry of the situation, up till now I still don't really understand why we do such things in our childhood, never worry of the danger or illnesses that will strike us and we are still very healthy that time, is this so call the "Tu Shen Tu Yang" I don't know, beats me.

Ok, will try some recalling of my memory again and my oversea stay and blog some fun. Anyway I stayed in 3 kampongs during my childhood times, now getting old liao and memory lost replacing with the new generation upgrading and technologies, tough leh.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Part 2 Yellow Ribbon

I wonder tomorrow will there be rain again, for 3 weeks been kicking under the wet and muddy condition, at least "lao tian yeh" give us some dry Sunday.

Let me recalled where did I stop my Yellow Ribbon, oh ya, RESPECT. Back to the situation that I have to TALK to M, the so called "TALK" to me is actually being ARROW and "Tio Tuan" despite submitted the report. First, you peoples must be thinking that this should be the HR job, right? Yes, it is, and this is due to HR "kia si kai wa" that M have a criminal record, may have a "pie lang been" that they are scare of, so this I kena "hope tio" cause he is for my department.

Before that when M's father approached me, I had refer him to the HR or Dy GM for their concern, no one seem to care, Dy said go to the HR and HR had the above condition mentioned. I hope tio and conducted the interview, after confirmation of his employment then they have this fucking problem arises in Part 1, then now I have to revise the damn bloody employment from permenant to contract, actually I have a thought to wait until his 3 months probation period to switch by saying his performance is satisfactory and counter offer on contract basic, but if things turn out that he is good, I'll feel bad and I'll be the same as those MF fuck thinking and concept, looking down on those ex-convict and if I have to tell him directly after the meeting then I be KNN LCL.

The minutes I step out of the room and walk out the office to stairway, I took out a cigarette and start smoking and thinking and walking down: how do I talk to him that I don't hurt his feeling and morale and confidence with the society. During my puffing away of cigarette, I feel: fuck man, they wanted to be "ho lang" and asked me to be LCL, I'll do the respectable by taking the risk.

When I reached my office, I called M in for discussion, M came in and seated.
I said: "Now M, I have just came down from meeting regarding your employment thing, upstair
peoples wanted me to tell you that since you have dose record and an ex-convict, with
the Yellow Ribbon campaign I have no reason not to give you a new life as what I have
spoken to you during the interview my directive, rules and regulation of the company
require from you.

M look uncomfortable about why I mentioned this again and said: " Yes, I understand."

I said: "Now those upstair peoples, itu orang artas said that, you know those peoples
upstair (I emphasize this words) wanted me to talk to you that instead to employ you
permenant, they wanted to change it to contract basic due to your record, you
remember this, it's not me, it's them, do you understand me and do you have
anything to say or ask me."

M said with a little unhappy tone: "Like that where can, you already confirm me, why like that."

I said:"NO, no, no, you listen to me, I know that I have confirm you, but the problem is not with
me, it's them that wanted me to tell you this, they want to be good peoples and asking
me to be LCL, you know what is LCL? Anyway it's a yearly renewal contract basic with
the same benefits others are enjoying, if you commit any criminal things, you are out and
also if they are not satisfy with your yearly performance appraisal submitted, you are
gone too, do you understand what I'm talking about? Do you have any questions?"

M look distress and disturb over this matter and was thinking hard and asked:"If like that,
where can, others all difference from me, only I contract, they look down on me leh."

I said: "I understand how you feel, this is not what I want, it's them (I'm thinking this moment,
I got to be LCL for once anyway) that wanted me to do this, my advice is since they do
this way, I can only say sorry to you that they change your employment appointment,
but stay put and work, do a better job performance to proof them wrong, also if you think
at the same time with us that you got better offer that you wanted to leave, I will not
stop you from doing."

M responded: "OK lah, this is what I can do at this moment, so how they want to do it."

I said: "OK, bring your appointment letter to exchange tomorrow."

Since then M have put in effort to his performances and duties, for the past 2 years which he had renew and extended the contract, and into his third mid-year, I left the company. From then onward, what will follow and happen next is beyond my knowledge and effort to interfere. This due to too much of authority and power struggling in there

During which at the time I spoken to him about his employment change, the next 2 days the whole company staffs know about the issue, huh, huh not me ok, it's him and his father and few of the peoples even confirmed with me about this, up till today, my answer to them is, you peoples work here, you peoples don't know that meh, go ask the HR or Dy lah, even some of the industry peoples knew about this and asked me, then my answer is I don't know, I follow instruction only. Now you peoples tell me, How am I not RESPECT them.

This Yellow Ribbon thing campiagn, I feel that the society should have given them a chance to survive and start a new life, doesn't mean that they are ex-convict, you look down on them, there is some better knowledge and understand the meaning of survival and life than many so call decent peoples, give it a thought. Next blog I try to write about my 1 year Taiwan encounter and life 25 years ago, the good time, the bad times and the scary.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Update after 2 weeks "YELLOW RIBBON" case

Well, after 2 week end kicking, not so fun after all, rain and muddy patch field again, and I nearly injury myself again, heng ah, I do a breakfall to roll over some crown who tackle me, oh did I injure, well no, but he is and not that serious, cause the injury on the one tackle on me was being roll over by a "bulldozer" on the ground.

And this time round, no filipino liao, maybe is the rain which we also shift to the other location thinking that the field may be better and dry, na... also the same wet and muddy some more with many patchs of water, did you peoples watch the "The Longest Yards" , the movie about prisoners playing America football against the prison guards, star by Adam Sander, Stone Cold, Goldrush and so on something like that, ya ya the guard sabo them from training and pool up the training ground with water, but our is not so bad. Well, sometimes it's fun playing in this kind of condition, recalling back to my kampong life style playing football, so this time round it's the tireness and not the aching, still the same like a bull after farming.

The last time I did mentioned about Yellow Ribbon, here is one case that I encounted during my previous employment, this young man have a record of drug comsuming and was jail I think 3 years or something like that, his last year was at the lodging house learning some skill and technology to upgrade himself, after the full sentence was on parole, his father recommended him to look for me to start a new life and not go back on that drug thing again.

During the interview, here is the convesation between me and him:-
My first question is:"How many years are you charged with?"
(cause I already know his case from his father), this is to test and check him on honesty

His reply is: "3 years sir, last year on lodging house learning skill and upgrading."
I say : "Please don't call me sir, I'm not a police officer, my name is .........., or call me Mr........"
He reply : "Yes, sir."
I repeat again : "call me Mr..... or ...... will do, ok."
He again : "Yes, sir."
I feel kind of funny and asked: "do you peoples from inside came out like to treat your new enviroment after released as the same when you are inside there?"
he look a little blur and stare at me, from his mouth : "huh??????"
I responded : "that's it, that's the anwsering I want, short and sharp, no sir here or sir there."
He again : "yes sir, I will try sir."
Then in my mind I'm thinking: KNN, you got a secondary 2 standard, and my english is so simply and straight forward, you mean you cannot understand what I trying to tell you.
He sence my frustration from my face expression, he quickly: "ok Mr...., I try not to use sir."
Then I feel much better to talk and discuss the employment terms and conditions to him.

After the interview, I put up a report to my upstair plus the application toMD, HR and Dy.GM that I had confirmed the employment of this guy, I zapped a copy for my own reference, in case they lost it (they always do, acting very busy all day and idling outside on the road, pretending very hard working - there's a story why I said that - and claim no time to do other thing). Shit! my ass!, very busy, gwee siong shin.

Over the weekend, Monday start of a new week, new guy (call him M) started work, as my department are running on shift duty which he has to undergo orientation for 1 week to understudy the procedure, regulation, handling and safety aspect, he'll be on normal. 1, 2, 3 days passed then 4th morning I got a phone call from Dy.GM to discuss the new employment together with HR. Of all the timing or instantly we can discuss immediately, he wanted lunch time at his office, WTF, sacrify my lunch time for your conveniency then you can disappear again, CCB, don't give a damn fuck, I go for my lunch then after attend the discussion with him, let those MF wait, don't care.

After my lunch, and after my puff of cigarette then I climp up to 2nd floor office. He's in the office doing other things and where is the HR? I don't see the HR there, you know what, I never even knock his door and just walk straight in,
He look up and asked smilingly:" Yes, Mr..., what can I do for you?"
I noticed he forgotten and purposely reply: "Oh yes, where is the HR cha bor?"
He replied : "Are you ok, Mr..., did you get the wrong office?"
I responded : "Huh...(act blur) wrong office meh?you forgotten already huh?"
Then he look blank at me, thinking what the fuck I'm here for, but quickly he reacted and say:
"come, take a seat, what can I do for you"
In my heart I was thinking, knn don't know or forget just said so, don't fucking act like you can help and do everything for me, ccb style never change since day one, then the HR walk in, he again: "yes, what's up?"
HR look at me and I look at her and she wish him: "good afternoon Dy.GM."
he replied : "good afternoon."
as for me, I act blur and think afternoon good meh, after makan feel sleepy, if can wanted to take a nap somewhere, ha ha ha this one just joking la.
HR take out the report and application and told him that he is the one asked us to discuss about the new employment staff, then he : "Oh, yes, I forgotten about it, ok let make it short cause I have to rush for an appointment 2.30pm at Bukit Batok. "
I just sit there and think, kana sia just now earlier don't want to discuss, now want to rush the discussion, hope your tyre puncture halfway and late for appointment, knn CPEEKKYLPCBL (know what is this).
He asked: "so Mr...., your new employment seem like he had a problem?"
I answer: "problem??? bo ah, what problem?" actually I do know what he's trying to refer.
He asked again: " Ok, you employed him and I assume you know that he got a record, do you?"
I answer: " Oh... you mean that drug case, to me it ok, as far as I'm concern I put my directive, rules and regulation straight to him before the employment, is there a problem?"
He asked again: " Now, he had a record, don't you think it's very uncomfortable and inconvenient to the company and staff working here, and if he trying to create problem and go back to his drug, what are you going to do with it then?"
I look at the HR and ask: " what do you think of that, do you also have any questions about this too? Please raise your doubt first and I'll answer and explain again what I think and what I'll act which is all reported in my report to both of you that is not SO CLEAR to both."
HR responded : "ya, ok, my question is, is he still on parole and the rest is what the Dy.GM asked."
Here I go explaining what my report writen to them and even the MD which they do not know of, (detail will not disclosed further) and finally I asked: "Is there any further question to ask?"
Dy.GM asked: "OK, if that's the case, I would suggest to employ him as a yearly contract basic instead of permanent with the company and the benefit remain the same, which I think, it's still not safe because of his situation that may recurrent to his bad habit."
I reacted: "huh, contract basic, benefit same, that mean every year renewal, what about the yearly bonuses and how would you want me to tell him about the changes?"
Dy.GM : "Mr ..., that one I will leave it to your good hand, you decide the best way to talk to him, and warn him again that if he touches dose again and he's history."
I shake my head in dis-believe and feel the unfairness of human being, not to the new guy but to myself, you see la, no support from the management and kena arrow, that why peoples and friends always asked me one big big question : "KNN lauhero, you jin gar si hor (daring), Dy.GM also you no respect?"
I: "where you hear from that I don't respect him"
Them: "from mouth of kaypo la and himself telling peoples that you are like that toward him"
I: "commo man brother and sister, you know him too, do you think he deserve it from me"
I again: "A Man gain respect from others of what he do and what he had done, not ASK respect of what had NOT do and what he had NOT done."

In my mind, this is what some peoples are against those ex-convict, be it what ever cases they are in, yes they deserve it and you must be thinking kai si, eng kai, but they had already serve their punishment, why condemn them to such a state of no return. Especially the movie directed by Jack Neo, "Three Good Man" acted by Mark Lee, Henry Thia and Chen Jian Bin, remember this sentence by Mark Lee saying after trying so hard to find a job: "The judge sentence me to 10 years of imprisonment, but the society sentence me to LIFE imprisonment."
now think about it, does it make any sence, and why do the garman push for the Yellow Ribbon.

Don't be mistaken, I'm not a ex-convict, It just the though going on and I believe not all good peoples are good peoples, there is bad also, not all bad peoples got no good peoples, there is. be continue......

Sunday, September 2, 2007

What a Day, Today

You peoples must be wondering, don't write stop for so long, now 2 blog in 2 days, I think that's the best I can do since June, getting loh soh when age catching up or maybe just frusting out since studying at home for coming examination give me blur and tiring, sleepy too.

Just thinking this morning when I woke up at 8, roti again with butter, nan, try half boil eggs with roti and for many months l don't have that kind of breakfast. Kopi tiam? no lah, at home boil the egg myself and serve myself lah.

After that, sms my soccer kaki if they have friendly game or kick about at lau di fang, then I take out a broom and start sweeping the hall, room by room and kitchen, automatically fill up a pail of water and with a mop start mopping all over, phew, all done about 9.35 plus l think, respond came in, "Bros, no game, kick about, lau di fang, 10.30." Huh, now timing change to 10.30 liao, by the time finish the kicking noon liao, think think for 5 weeks no play soccer, never mind la, packed up and go.

Where lau di fang? yo yo at Pasir Ris Park big field next to the beach behind Costa Sand resort, we are not the young group, we are the mixed group (mean young and old). Left home and on the way, along Loyang way turning to Pasir Ris, saw many peoples, then I know is the Yellow Ribbon campiagn, wa lau traffic police la, road urher la and so many walker in YELLOW, why bother I'm going for kick about, I'll tell the yellow ribbon story of my ex next time if I can remember, hee hee old liao ma. (don't ask me how old I am, tip here, go ask oldbeng how old is he then I'm older than him, hee hee, sorry brother beng, sabo you, curse what you like, bros)

Upon arrival there, huh I first one and it's already 1010 liao, where are all the great players, slowly one by one turn up. By the time all (not everyone la) turn up and gear up 1050, cause I wait, he wait and wait wait here wait wait there and warm up, 1105 kick off, lucky weather is a bit cooling, and for 5 weeks no kick a ball, you know how the cow breathing like after farming, that how I am like during the game, siong leh, cannot run fast, cannot run far, cannot turn quick, lucky is just a kick about, think think must start to training my stamina and make it a regular weekend exercise myself, it's a way to relief and relax.

Let go back to my arrival at the park, phe...e wu... wee.., a lot of filipino maids leh, having BBQ picnic by the beach, I walk past a few and start to greet them,

I said, " Komos taka" (don't know l am right or not) just shoot,
some just smile back and look at you,

some responded,"Good morning"
hey it work and I'm jammed there, what should I do next cause I lost what I can remember I learned on targalor, just shoot back in english la (that's what I think),

"hai, having BBQ picnic so early on Sunday, off day huh?"
What? did they respond? damn it, they just smile back, lau kwee liao, cannot die shoot another sentence,
"so, today no go church prayer, it Sunday today you know."
Ha ha, they responded, "just came from church" ( oh ya hor, now what time already),
then following is, "well enjoy your picnic."
cause I saw from the far pit side few filipino guys staring like a tiger.
Thinking cannot liao, I am old liao, buay yen dao liao, sian cha bor pun bo kang who liao, off I go.

Wa koaz, after the game, look at us damn bloody dirty old man, 1220 liao wash up at the near by toilet and shower (and the boot also), si liao la underwear wet and no extra, don't worry lucky got a extra short and bermuda, just pull it up and go, walking back the same way, saw them again (filipino),

my kaki asked me, "lauhero, hello, gong kwee ku sian sian leh",
ha ha ha I laughed, "buay sai liao la, gong bo way leh, buay ki liao leh, tao sengsian kway liao la,
ai tio tao seng tio liao la, ko a ka li lang ta qiu mai."
booo....... is what I get from them, one of them shouted, " buay sai liao la, buay kia liao la."
Everyone laugh it off loudly and keep moving to the car park and FO home

And now then I start to feel the slide aching all over my body from the neck to the body to the leg and even the toes. This is the gain after 5 weeks of no exercises, see lah, is it lau liao leh. I don't think so, maybe it's the heavy field ground we play on (muddy and rain in between our game) and the late night soccer games on tv until very early. Well, at least I did somethings fun today.

OK, happy reading if you think it's a bull shit then be it, ha ha ha ha ha ......I did my best writing.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Watching Movie damn shit I encounted

Been awhile and around and not writing anything, it been tough myself for not getting a decent job yet. Anyway I'm not begging yet, if so, sunflower you be first I'll knock on your door, hee hee just joking.

Still hunting and maybe just get a job, be it my liking or not just do and keep bloody working, I can be in any position, toilet cleaning, dispatch (no bike licence), driver (lorry or car), warehouse or labourer, that's my standard, only problem is no ot on Tuesday and Thurday, hee hee nut, who want to employ me like that, joke aside. Will be working on it after examination next week.

Yesterday, Malaysia National Day, I'm not a malaysian but wish them prosperous and well anyway, I'm so bore I went for a movie myself, ha ha 881 that's right, heard my friends said until so good so good and radio 100.3 also highly recommended, can't resist so go watch lor. Alone easy lah to get ticket, wa so long long queue, lucky managed 1 ticket at Tampiness Mall, hall 5, 1840 hrs showtime seat at J14, it really packed with aunties, uncles and the young one. To me the movie directed in typical Singaporean style but a little exaggerate on the fairy and the last part challenging, it almost became those kungfu expert displaying their skill with what ever "sheng gong", well wish them luck in next year Taiwan nomination to the "Jin Zhong Jiang"
But it's true that the song is meaningful and well wrote and composed, the "one peason one half" and the last song on the hospital bed, to me it a so call "Please release me", the hokkien version of Elvis another type of please release me, ha ha ha.

J14 where I'm seated is in the middle right side, on my right a couple aunty and uncle, on my left mother and daughter with a son I think 3 years old with a troller, ai yo with 2 big bags some more, if like that then should have ask the counter to give an aisle seat ma. You know what, they leave the troller at the entrance to the J roll on the left, that centre roll start from 7-18 and I'm at 14, what do you think of that. They bought alot of titbit also and with the 2 bags, I'm thinking wa koa how to watch the show in peace like that, anyway don' care lah, as the daughter seated beside me I have to shift to the most right of my seat in case she knock on me and she drop the baby, wa koa if she blame me hit her then "mei wan mei liao", play safe better and she place one of the big bag right to my space, that's ok as long don't keep pushing the bag over my side. In between the show, they open up the titbit packet, they poke in straw into drink, taking out water bottle feeding the baby drink, she twist this side that side lah, a lot of movement, irritating, nevermind control la, watch my show.

Again she did the same thing again and again cause the baby just simply can't sit tight and be quiet, she just let the baby down on the floor standing and you know the bag is push over, the baby stand there and start jumping and screaming, wa koaz buay tahan wanted to tell her off, then as gentleman I just keep mum, the bag start coming over again, I let go my cross leg and place my foot to block the incoming, it's being block, I'm satisfy but what I sense is a stare from her looking over, wa lau what did I do wrong here to received this, wa lau bo chap la, watch show.

This keep going on between the show after every 20 mins or so, I just ignore it. Just then I have a slide throat irritation and cough, ha ha you know what she cover up her mouth and move away from me and give me a nice hard stare, hey I cover my mouth too, do you have to do that, do I deserve that, wa lau a, this show I watch is like paying $9.50 to buy the frustration and irritation treatment. Anyway I seated until the show really finish, really really finish until all the ending title completely roll off, light up, wa lau what I see is amazing, on my left floor a big plastic bag of rapper, titbit empty bag and others, you know that kind of NTUC big plastic carrier, on the seat drink holder, two big size 3/4 empty container and alot of what ever seed shell and rappers on the floor, wa lau I pity the cleaner man, at second thought, cleaner job come last on my mind.

Well all I can said is, watching movie is all depend on luck of the seat allocated to you, if you are the gentle and really decend movie goer, you be damn frustrated and irritated and I'm not one either, an occasional movie fan like me get all this kind of shit, l wonder she is going for movie or picnic, why I have to endure all this shit leh. Forget it la, movie over liao lah, go home liao lah, thinking next time round before go for movie better pray, ti-gong pobi pobi don't let me be seated next to ugly, don't know how to enjoy movie dump.

Next show on the list, "I Am Legend" Will Smith acting, adventurous and scientific, another is "No Reservation" is one also for those who love comedy love story, well, it's from the short presentation, looks not bad.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Work and employment

Since my last blog dated 01 the April Fool day, count count really don't know it's a already 2 months past liao. Just don't have anythings in mind to write about but often read others blog partly due my part-time course assignment and project, mostly is my laziness to write and think of others.

I'm jobless now, awaiting for reply of my application and recommendation from friends, has been resting for quite awhile, got to find a job or something to do for my income, if not will be begging by the roadside liao.

Recently week, have been meeting up oldbeng n a friend for lunch at his working area. Bros, can I not eat samba sotong any more, make me a little desire strait down there and believe me at my age now, I feel that I'm getting a bit of "wao oooo" color wolf and hum sub, but not to worry I'll look only no touch, not my style, unless hei hei hei.....

I got this damn feeling last week when a few of the ex-customers called me and meet up with them in seperate occasion for chit chat and drinking session, well main topic is my employment seized,
Most of them throw this question at me,"Brother, why like that? and you don't even bother to inform, huh?
Me said, "commo, it's already a past and they never inform you peoples meh"
and I carry on telling them what's friends about and how a friend is and a friend indeed, each and every owe way and situation to treat and make a friend, how good and bad, it depend on individual mindset

Leave the company after more than 10 years, peoples and friends was telling me, don't work in a company for more than 10 years, it's unhealthy, well, this is also another thinking

Some also said that if the company you working do not have the urge and intention to upgrade, enhance and never show co-operation from top, damn alot of those office politic, apple polishing and light ear bosses, very unhealthy. There again with all the arrow flying and missle bombing, to work is 1 thing, and how the company going to do business like that, well not my problem already anyway.

Till now I still received call from ex-colleagues, those that have left the company asking me how the hell you can work in such a environment for over 10 years, I'm thinking why job hop stay and earn a decent living, THAT'S DAMN WRONG, your employment faith lie with those above you, they either cover their own asshole or you don't follow their order, you're finish. You AB they purposely give you more kantow and dig into those you know better than them to find fault, some peoples tell me, if a company that do not the R&D department, you can go find another job liao......., in my mind, so easy meh?

Ai ya, already over liao, infact on the very day I left, I feel a kind of relief in me, just can't explain why, maybe it's mostly due to the above I mentioned that I encounted, then again everywhere you work in more or less you'll face with this kind of problematic situation or human creating unpleasant commotion. Well I'm taking thing easy here and of course got to find a job fast also, if not the more I sit around the more lazy I'll be, that is a BIG BIG problem.